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Online Monitor Book Access

Access your records for contracts, exchanges, monitoring, buy-ins and lettering simply by logging in.

  • Account Name: your skater's name including a space as you'd write it (example: Michelle Kwan)
  • Passcode: "ice" appended by the last 3 digits of your skater's USFSA# (example: ice888)
  • It is recommended that you change your passcode to something more personal once you log in. See My Info > Passcode link.
Under the MY INFO tab, click on the specific season summaries to view tabs with the following detailed information:
  • Your contracted sessions with dates attended and exchanged (including a PDF of actual book page for verification)
  • Buy-Ins
  • Dates monitored and remaining monitor requirements
  • Lettering credits (summarized hours, dates and times skated)
Please note record updates may occasionally be behind due to the necessity to keep current pages in the monitor book for exchanges.
Questions? Email Becky Evans at